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Thursday 29th July 2004

L stretched out and wriggled his toes. I don’t want to get up. It’s so warm and cosy.  Can’t I just stay in bed? Hang on… bed? When did I get into bed? L opened his eyes.

    “Light-kun, why are you are staring at me?” L asked. “Did you put me here?”

    “Yes.” Light smiled. “You fell asleep on the floor. I thought you looked cold.”

    “Oh, um, thank you then, Light-kun. That was very nice of you,” L said. “But could you, um, please stop staring at me now?” It’s kind of unnerving.

    “Of course,” Light said, his cheeks turning strawberry coloured again. “I’m sorry, L. Do you want to get up now?”

    L glanced at the clock; he’d already overslept. “Do we have to?” he sighed. “I don’t think I am very well. I’m tired.”

    Light smiled. “I think you are just in need of sugar,” he said. “L, you were really hyper last night, you’re probably crashing now.” But… I don’t crash. L frowned. I suppose it was a large dessert. Light sat up and reached across the detective. Light smells like coffee. Warm, lovely coffee. Light opened L’s bedside drawer and pulled out a handful of chocolates.

    “Eat these,” he said. “You’ll feel better.” How does Light know where my chocolate stash is? Has he really been paying that much attention to me?

    L popped one of the chocolates into his mouth and tried to push his hair out of his face. Oh. No wonder he was staring at me. I must look ridiculous. L pulled Light’s tie from around his head. “Sorry,” he said. “I was rather childish last night, Light-kun. I will try not to do it again.”

    “Don’t worry.” Light laughed. “I didn’t mind.  It was actually quite cute.” Cute? He thought I was cute? But… But I’m L! I’m not cute.

    L ate the last of the chocolates. I do feel a little more awake now. I still don’t want to get up but, I guess we should.

    “Shall we get up then, Light-kun?”

    “Sure,” Light said. “If you’re feeling better. We should probably shower quickly today; we took the day off yesterday, and we’re already late.”     


    Light rubbed shampoo into his scalp a little more aggressively than usual. Just stop it Light, STOP IT. He is so far out of your league it’s not even funny! Just stop this before you ruin everything. That stunt last night, telling him you loved him? That was stupid. Stupid, stupid, STUPID. Light slammed his fist into the tiled wall. It cracked, cutting into his knuckles.


“FUCK! Fuck, Fuck Fuck!”

    “Light-kun?” L called. “Are you ok?” Light-kun is nice. He doesn’t usually swear that much…

    “It’s nothing, L,” Light called back. “I just slipped, that’s all. I hit my hand on the wall.”

    “Oh,” L said. Why is he lying? If he’d slipped enough to hurt himself, I would have felt the tug on the chain. L sighed and returned to washing in silence. If Light didn’t want to tell him the truth, what was the point in asking anything more?

    As L stepped out of his shower cubicle, he noticed that Light was holding his un-cuffed hand behind his back. He looked guilty. That’s strange.

    “What are you hiding, Light-kun?”

    “Nothing,” Light said. Stop lying to me!

    L grabbed the Light’s arm and pulled it towards him. Blood? L stared at Light’s fist. This is like the bruises…


    “Light-kun? L sighed. “Did you punch the wall again?”

    Light looked down at his fist and felt his cheeks burn. You shouldn’t have lied, you idiot. Of course L was going to work out the truth. He is L. He’s not stupid! That’s why you love hi- STOP IT! Light took a deep breath.

    “Yeah,” he said. “Sorry I lied about it, L. It’s just a bit embarrassing.”

    “Why did you do it?” L asked, still holding onto Light’s arm. “Are you angry? Is it me?”

    “No. It’s not your fault, L. It’s just me.” Light sighed. “I lose my temper sometimes; I guess I’m just stressed because of Kira… so let’s get dressed and catch the bastard, okay?”

    “If you’re sure you’re all right.” L said. “Do you need a plaster?”     


L sat at his computer, playing minesweeper and, when anyone looked his way, pretending to look for information on Kira. He kept glancing to his left. Light was combing through lists of recent deaths from all over the world and comparing the patterns to deaths attributed to Kira.  I’m a detective. I should be doing that. It’s my job. I owe it to... well, not the dead criminals. They deserved it really. But I owe it to Light. He’s working so hard to clear his name and it’s my fault he’s a suspect. I should have just kept my mouth shut and focused the investigation somewhere else. I’m a horrible person really. L sighed. I could just tell everyone Light was innocent all along... but then he’d leave.


Light closed one document, opened another and started scrolling through it. He’d been scrolling through documents for hours but he hadn’t read any of them. He’d angled his computer monitor just enough that he could see L’s reflection in the screen and had been watching the detective all day. He didn’t feel too bad for pretending to work; L had played, and won, 279 games of minesweeper. Perhaps his sugar-low is affecting his concentration? He doesn’t look like he wants to be here. Light smiled.

    “L?” Light whispered as loudly as he could. “Are you feeling better now?”

    L smiled. “No,” he said, imitating Light’s loud whisper. “Not really. I think I might be best off going back to bed.”

    “Are you okay, L?” Watari and Soichiro asked in unison.

    “I’m fine.” L said.

    “But,” Matsuda said. “We couldn’t help overhearing and you just told Light you ought to go back to bed.”

    “Please,” Mr Yagami said. “Don’t be a martyr, L. If you are unwell you should rest.”

    “Well,” L sighed. “The truth is...” He stood up. “I think I may be ill,”

     Light turned back to his computer to hide his smile. Trust him to overact it. The face L was pulling suggested he had only weeks, maybe months to live. 


L climbed back into bed and wriggled down under the duvet. I do seem to be sleeping more lately. Perhaps having Light-kun around is helping me to relax? L yawned. “Good night, well, afternoon, Light-kun.”

    “Sleep well, L.” Light said, climbing into bed beside him.

     “Light-kun?” L said. “Are you tired too?” Maybe I really am ill and Light-kun has caught it too.

    “Not really,” Light said. “But I may as well sleep now, then I can keep you company when you stay up tonight.”

    “That’s very nice of you Light-kun, but I don’t mind staying up by myself.” L said, “I’m used to being on my own.”

    Light shrugged. “Sweet dreams, L.”

    L yawned. “You too Light-kun.”


A few hours later, L opened his eyes. Light turned away. Has he been staring at me again? Maybe… No. He was probably just waiting for me to wake up.

    “Light-kun?” L asked. “Are you sure you don’t want to sleep tonight?”

    “Yeah. I’d like to stay up with you.”

    “This hotel has a swimming pool,” L said. “Would you like to go swimming?”

    “That sounds great,” Light said. Did he just lick his lips? Perhaps thinking about swimming is making him thirsty. L frowned. And now he’s gone pink again. This is very odd.

    “Light-kun?” Light didn’t reply. He was staring into space and smiling. Perhaps Light-kun really is unwell. “Light-kun?” L tapped him on the shoulder.  “Are we going then?”

    “Oh, yes, of course,” Light said, standing up. “Let’s go.”

    They grabbed their swimming stuff and headed out through the quiet hotel, following the signs towards the empty swimming pool.


“Hey L,” Light shouted, pointing at the highest diving board. “I bet you can’t dive off of that!”

    “Of course I could, Light-kun, but the chain would be problematic.”

    L tried to splash him.  Not the hair! Light struggled to get away and slipped under water. Damn it. Light resurfaced, stuck his tongue out at the detective and pushed his now dripping hair back from his face.

    “You chicken?” Light laughed.

    “Fine!” L snapped, dragging Light through the water. Oh fuck. Light looked up at the diving board. We could get seriously hurt like this. We’ll have to dive together, or one of us will be pulling the other. Fuck. But I can’t chicken out now. I suggested it.  Light watched L climb out of the pool and stomp across the tiles. Stop staring at his arse! Light climbed out of the pool and pushed his wet hair back again. He followed L to the ladder and tried not to look up as L climbed it ahead of him. You are such a pervert, Light Yagami.


L waited for Light at the top of the diving board. He peered over the edge and saw newspapers floating in the pool below him. ‘WORLDS GREATEST DETECTIVE DEAD!’ ‘L KILLED IN FREAK DIVING ACCIDENT!’ ‘HANDCUFFED MEN FOUND DEAD IN HOTEL POOL.’ L blinked and took a step back. ‘KIRA WINS: L KILLED IN SWIMMING POOL.’ ‘HANDCUFFS, HOTELS AND HEIGHTS’ ‘MIDNIGHT STUNT AT HOTEL POOL LEADS TO THE TRAGIC DEMISE OF L’ ‘SEX GAMES GONE WRONG?’ L shook his head and scrambled backwards. He sat down at the sturdy end of the board, pulled his knees to his chest, closed his eyes and pressed the heels of his hands into his eyelids. People do this all the time. It’s safe. If it wasn’t safe it would be illegal. It will be fine. Light-kun is here. Light-kun will protect you. Light-kun is here. Light-kun is here. Light…


Light reached the top of the ladder and stopped. What’s he doing? L was sitting on the diving board with his back to ladder, murmuring something under his breath and rocking back and forth.

    “L?” Light said. L stopped muttering. Light put one hand on his shoulder. He’s shaking? “L, are you okay?” He looks like he’s going to pass out. “L?”

    “I don’t, I…” L took a deep breath. “I don’t really like heights, Light-kun,” he whispered. “I don’t mind planes or helicopters but... I just don’t like feeling like I might fall.”

    “I, I didn’t know,” Light said. “Look, I’m sorry L. We don’t have to do this. We’ll just go back down the ladder.”

    “No.” L whispered. “I can do this. I, I can’t give up now. I won’t lose to you, Light-kun.” Crap. Light sighed. “L, it’s fine. You’re probably right anyway. This isn’t safe with the handcuffs.”

    “I’m fine,” L said, standing up and walking slowly and carefully along the board. “I can do it.” Fuck. There’s no way he’s going to go down the ladder, is there? You are such an idiot, Light!

    “L,” he said. “I shouldn’t have suggested it. We could get hurt… We’d have to jump off together.” Light joined L at the end of the diving board and wrapped his arms around him.

    “Huh?” L frowned at Light. “You want us to jump off like this?”

    “I don’t want you to get hurt, L. It’s my fault you’re determined to do this. Don’t be frightened.” Light brushed L’s wet hair away from his eyes.

    “I, I’m… Okay, I guess.” L put his arms around Light’s waist and closed his eyes.

    Do it! Kiss him, now! Light leant forwards and licked his lips. He could taste L’s trembling breath on his tongue. No. Light pulled his face away from L’s. Not here. Not now. Not while he’s clinging to you in fear. Maybe… soon? But not now. Just get him through this. You’ll have to move him out of the way when you hit the water. You can’t kiss him if he gets knocked out by the fucking chain. This was such a shitty idea.


    L nodded.

    Light shuffled them closer to the edge of the diving board. L’s hold on him tightened. Light took a deep breath and launched them over the edge.


    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh fuck! L opened his eyes as they fell. He looked wildly around for the length of chain that was sure to land heavily on top of them, knocking them both unconscious and causing them to drown at the bottom of the pool. The pool?! L looked down and the blueness grew as it rose to meet them. He shut his eyes. “Goodbye, Light-kun.” He whispered. “I love you.” He didn’t think the sounds had actually emerged, but at least he’d tried to tell Light how he felt, seeing as this was going to be the end of it all.

    L heard the crash, or the splash - whatever it was, it was loud. The water rose around them. Sinking! Drowning?! Light let go of him and swam away. Don’t leave me! L opened his eyes and saw someone’s door key on the bottom of the pool. He turned around. Light seemed to be swimming up, away from him. Light-kun! Come back…  A dark shape was growing beyond Light, above the surface. Is that the chain? Is he… Light is trying to protect me. But he’ll get hurt! L struggled to swim towards the teenager.

    “LIGH-”  water flooded L’s mouth. Light-kun! Help! Light-Ku… The water around L lost its blue, becoming dull and hazy.  Then all was black.

Innocence - Chapter Seven
Sorry I've been absent for a while...

Enjoy the chapter!
Comments always welcome :P

Thanks for reading :D


Dear Readers,

If you are still with me…

If you still remember who I am and why you care…

If you are reading this journal…

Firstly, THANK YOU for your patience.

Secondly, I have now finished my degree (I got a First!)

Thirdly, I will now be returning to fan-fiction!

 And finally… I promised way back when that I would not be abandoning my Death Note fan-fiction 'Innocence', and I'm not. What I am doing is rewriting it. The whole thing. I am a much better writer than I was a couple of years ago, so in order to continue the story with some sense of consistency, I am rewriting all the current chapters before I begin on the new ones.

So, I have deleted the old chapters.

The new version of chapter one is here:… I will be uploading one chapter a fortnight from now on.

If you read the originals, I recommend re-reading the new ones… bits of the story have changed slightly in the rewrite and, I promise, it's a much higher quality of writing.

Thank you again for your patience,

Katie x

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Thanks x


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